Monday, April 18, 2011

Weather and Sales... are they related?

     So if you didn't already know- weather directly affects the mood, attitude, temper and even health of people, and so far the last couple of weeks have been a real bummer."Spring, WHERE ARE YOU?!?!"        I know I'm not the only one wondering.

     Between the Midwest storms (which are KINDA springish) and  the SNOW several areas have experienced lately- Spring seems to be playing peek-a-boo in an unusually coy  fashion this year.

     How does this affect online buying and selling?  Well for some people it may be no change and for some   people it may signal a drop in sales. I have been keeping an eye on the trends of sales in my booth and the "possible" connection of the weather and I gotta tell you it may be a fluke but it seems to me that when the weather is beautiful, in a large area of the US, my sales are GREAT but as soon as the weather starts going a little haywire WATCH OUT- my sales dwindle to virtually nothing. .... now this could surely be a coincidence BUT, I know when the weather is gloomy or miserable I have absolutely no desire to even look at items to buy. Granted I'm a bit er ......unique (crazy anyone? lol)

     Surely there is some connection- I mean when people feel good and cheery (and research has shown that good weather can often create good moods) they want to do something-unfortunately,  this can affect sales negatively too because our potential buyers (especially in the summertime) want to get out of the house (ie. offline) and go go go ; OR it can inspire them to get that extra special something they have been wanting but have hesitated to buy.
     Then again when the weather is gloomy, overcast, rainy or just plain nasty- it can go two ways as well... you have the buyer that likes to shop to cheer themselves up (what better way to avoid going out in that awful weather than to go to a www.   store?) or you have the type of people (me included) who find themselves mulling over bills and other gloom and doom topics (or just wanna stay in bed for the day, lol) rather than deal with anything constructive.

     I guess it really doesn't matter in the end, shoppers will shop when they want to and hold onto their money when they don't- except that if you REALLY think weather affects your sells- I suggest you capitalize on it. List a lot during bad weather- list items that are cheerful or have some kind of sentimentality toward youth and promise. List summer items , colorful items, funny items and even silly items. In fact, think about things that make people smile or laugh and "save them for a rainy day" .

     Nothing inspires me like a good laugh (or else I would be flat out looney--um... forget I said that) in fact sometimes the most heart warming, energizing thing in the world can be the knowledge that you have made someone else laugh or smile............ and maybe they will be inspired to buy, as well.

Until next time (don't hold your breath-your face will turn blue)
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