Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ahh the Perils of opening multiple booths....

Okay, so I have had second booth on Bonanza for a pretty good while- BUT I have never done anything with it. Frankly one booth keeps me pretty darn busy, BUT when I started adding all of the new "stuff" it seemed to me that I needed another booth to kind of separate some of my categories
 (silly me- what on earth was I thinking?!?) 

Anyway, I created another booth and then it just ..... sat there.... every once in a while I would look at it gloomily and it grinned back, as if to say "MWAHAHAHA you are L A Z Y....." Then I would go away for awhile and return to again look gloomily at that second empty booth and it would say  "I am still empty and you are still L A Z Y"   (kind of like that credit reporting commercial- but I can't change the word L A Z Y because my name isn't S T A N  lol!!)

So, finally late (LATE) last night I started working on it and suddenly.. I knew I was in trouble! I mean it's bad enough when I talk to myself constantly, yes I answer myself and often I argue with myself  BUT until last night I have never really.......lost myself.

Hmmmm you may be saying "what?!?!You? the crazy Breezers. have never lost yourself before- I do NOT believe it!" I nod embarrassingly- it's true I have never lost myself or for that matter confused myself with myself- but last night I sure did!

You see, there are several items I have in my original booth that I wanted to move over to the new booth (at this point I KNOW that there are other Bonanza users who are nodding because, surely, they know where I am going with this) So I had two separate browsers up so that I could cut and paste from one booth to the other and so forth and SUDDENLY.. I wasn't sure who I was anymore. 

Seriously, you  may think this is just another manifestation of my lunacy- but truly- I couldn't figure out which one of me was which! In fact I posted in the forums thinking I was one me and then after I hit the enter button- realized it was the other me! Of course it doesn't help that I use the same profile pic for both booths (THAT will be changing soon after last night)

In any case- after much arguing with myself on the thread and cracking up other Bonanza users (who by the way only reveled in my confusion  lol@TT, Sofy and Antiques!!)  I decided I needed to go to bed and tackle my identity crisis another day. 
By the way did I mention I was doing all of this late late at night whilst my husband lay snoring in the bed next to my desk? 
It is very hard to be quiet when you laugh so hard, you blow ice water out of your nose.... and it kind of hurts too...........
In any case- I am working on keeping me straight so that I can at some point.....eventually... in the near future....maybe... open that darned booth!
Until then you can check out my "stuff" at

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