Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday.. seriously I do NOT like you!!

Today is Monday, and in all of it's monotonous, gloomy glory- I simply can't seem to get up the courage to meet it head on. I know, I know, Monday is the beginning of a bright new week- or it's okay the "sun will come out tomorrow"
Hey Annie, sit down and be quiet! (lol, sorry  it's the cranky in me)

:sigh: Well I have to admit, if you already haven't guessed- the motivation monster has not caught me yet today and I have tons to do- around the house and in my booth. I know I'm not alone, come on let's hear it... 
"Hi I'm.... and I'm a cranky Monday person"  (scattered applause) 
I guess I just have to do like my friend John always says and "put my big girl pants on and get over it!"
If ANYONE brings up Barney they are in HUGE trouble- that purple dinosaur is the bane of humanity's existence!
(runs to the lab and gets her dose of "Dr Jekyll juice")
Ahhhhhh, there we go.. hello friends and neighbors- let's change our tennis shoes, put on a new sweater and get down to business today ... hehehehe

Yes I know- this post is completely eclectic today but hey it's MONDAY... so get busy because you have a whole week before the weekend and somehow we have to get something accomplished-- besides I need a partner in crime LMAO!

Toodles :O)

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