Tuesday, May 24, 2011

On the serious side.....

     I know it's been awhile, things have been rather crazy around here lately.. but I wanted to take a moment to send out thoughts of comfort and caring to those directly affected by the recent bought of horrible tornadoes and storms. The areas that have been flooded and that are still being flooded throughout the Midwest AND to the Joplin community and surrounding areas.
     I have seen many posts with different takes on "why" this happened and who or what to blame or thank and I just wanted to say that I think it is important that we focus on the PEOPLE and FAMILIES that have been affected and forget the politically correct and incorrect. In my opinion this is not really the time or place to argue, sermonize or criticize.. those people need our help and kindness and whatever else we can give; they have all suffered devastating losses and terror beyond belief. Let's show some compassion and save the debates for later.

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