Monday, March 28, 2011

The definition of "stuff"

When it comes to four letter words one should not repeat- in our house 
is one of them.

This word has  become the bane of my husband's existence- as he generically categorizes everything I have for sell, everything I hand craft or yes even those catch all items that tend to gather among the shelves as "stuff"
It's not "merchandise" to him- it's simply "stuff"

as in "Honey, did you sell any of your stuff today?"
"Hey when are we gonna get rid of some of this stuff?"

Yet despite all of his woeful and verbose opinionings on the evils of "stuff" he still takes me to auctions and shows, and once in a blue moon, if I bat my eyes just right, he still signs the checks for payment when I am just "a little short" on cash to get this or that  :)

Then once we get home and he starts unloading the car it decidely becomes "stuff" again
 as in
"why in the world did you get all of this stuff"
"We don't need this stuff"
and the ever popular
"we have enough stuff, you don't need to get anymore stuff"
and the not to be forgotten
"from now on, no more stuff until you sell the stuff you already have"

Then he reads the Sunday paper and says "Hey,  there's an auction at ..... wanna go ?"
hmmmm maybe he's is an enabler and doesn't know it? LOL

So while the other members of your household may go on and on about all  the "stuff" you have, deep down (and in my husband's case deep deep DEEP down) they know that all that stuff has a purpose somewhere and they are just giving you, well- "stuff" about it!

Check out my store full of "stuff" at

You never know what you might find and if you decide to buy, well my husband sincerely thanks you!


  1. My husband was just complaining about the whole house being used as a store.